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Terri Benamore



Pushing Boundaries

As a lifelong artist, Terri is always looking for the next opportunity to translate her everyday experiences into artistic expressions. Since 2005 when her tattoo journey begun, Terri has strived to incorporate her passion for Botanical, Fauna and Realism, into her tattoo artwork.  Gaining multiple awards along the way, Terri's approach and output is constantly evolving as she hones her personal style. However, she refuses to be typecast and works hard to ensure she does not repeat herself. ''It is time that tattoo artists gain recognition for their skill, passion and professionalism.'' 

Entering into the medical world with Areola Tattooing and being recognised and sent referrals by nationwide surgeons, is positive proof of changing times. From scar cover-up to decorative body work, no matter what, Terri approaches each project, with enthusiasm and absolute dedication.

Tattoo Art by Terri

About Decorative Tattooing

How does it work?

To find out more, to get a quote or to discuss ideas for your body art, you'll need to get in touch.  Please send as much information as possible across, include any photos or reference material that you may have collected, along with details on the size and positioning on your body.  The more information that you can provide, the more we can gain a real insight into your vision, but if you don't have a clear idea yet, don't worry! That's what we are here for.  Send across to

Please note, as an artist it is important that the work we take on is suited perfectly to our individual styles.  We all have different specialities and in order for Terri to connect with you and your tattoo and to feel inspired creatively, we sometimes must be selective.  Terri takes on work that stimulates these emotions, ensuring that you are given the best possible piece of art that has truly come from a place of passion within her heart. 

As owner of Inkantations, Terri has personally selected and is proud to work alongside, four award-winning artists, each sharing the same values and passion.  Each of our artists have their own specialities, so if your tattoo ideas do not fit Terri's style, it may be that one of her colleagues are the perfect artist for you.  To find out more, please head to

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