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Heart-felt testimonials from some of our incredible clients.

If you are considering Areola Restoration, but would like to hear from our wonderful clients, take a moment to watch these client testimonials. 

Their Story

Every client has a story and it's an honour to hear from them directly.  Whether your story is similar and you feel you can relate, or you are simply looking into your next steps post-surgery.  My clients here have all expressed the importance to share their stories with you, to build awareness for this very important, healing art-form.  

We are soon to be hosting monthly VIP events, where everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to meet clients that have had their areola tattooing completed.  You can ask questions and learn more about the process, but most importantly, make acquaintances with others. 


Areola Tattooing is a celebration, the beginning! And we cannot wait to share this journey with you. 

So, what do our clients say?

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