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Sky News

Tattooing realistic nipples on breast cancer survivors helps give them a new beginning

Those who have had their nipples removed during breast cancer treatment can get reconstructive tattoos...

Breast Cancer Tattooing - Sky News Artic


This tattoo artist helps breast cancer survivors feel like normal women again... By giving nipple tattoos

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Anchor FM - Women In Tattooing Society

In this episode i'm chatting to the extremely talented and kind hearted Terri. We chat about tattoo choices, her journey from apprentice to business owner, and using her skills as a realism tattoo artist in helping people feel whole with restorative tattooing. 

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Tattoo artist creates nipple tattoos to breast cancer survivors, but the images keep getting deleted by facebook.

Metro - Terri Benamore creates reconstru

Sky News - Tv

The world of science and art can often clash, but one tattooist is using her art to try to help women who have had breast cancer...

Sky News - Nipple Tattooing By Terri Ben


Realistic 3D Areola Tattoos, now available to help women feel like themselves again .

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